My High School Success Project

During these uncertain times you as a parent and your high school student face educational challenges for which most have little preparation. Many students have lost months of personal and academic development as schools struggled to develop alternative learning structures and strategies during the close of the 2019-2020 school year. As your child returns to the high school classroom or enters for the first time in the fall of 2020 much uncertainty remains for you and them! For some online learning continues, for others partial face-to-face schedules will be incorporated in a hybrid model. Others may struggle to adapt to a normal schedule after the long hiatus from traditional schools.

Do you need help ensuring your child's successful return to school?

We can help with Personal Coaching

Will decades of experience as educators in public, private and online schools we assist parents and students in navigating the learning challenges regardless of the school structure.

A Custom-Tailored Plan for Every Student

My High School Success Project is custom-tailored to the strengths, weaknesses and goals of each individual student and the learning environment in which they engage in learning. A caring, experienced coach will guide your child through a personalized process to create supports necessary for a positive and productive school year.

    How it Works - Weekly Coaching Sessions

    Your coach will meet virtually for a one-on-one session with your student every week throughout the school year. Together they will develop and review personal goals, actions planned toward achieving those goals and to celebrate successful outcomes. This process is ongoing for the duration of the coaching engagement. As parents you will receive regular progress reports on your student engagement and challenges.

    Advantages to Last a Lifetime

    As parents as well as educators, we know that these years and the decisions students make in them can have lasting impact. We’re eager to tell you much more about our program and how we can help your child achieve academic success --not just during high school, but also for college and beyond.

    For More Information

    For a free consultation on the benefits of personal coaching for college students please choose a time that works best for you. We look forward to a conversation!