How It Works

How We Think About Success

We define success as the degree to which one’s life practices align to their stated values and purpose. From this perspective, personal development is a reflective and iterative process wherein mindful actions move an individual toward their value-directed lifelong purpose. For us, the college experience is then viewed as one phase in this lifelong process and college success measured in terms of a student’s acquisition of the knowledge, skills and practices that elevate them to the next level of competency in their purpose directed life.

The College Success Project

The College Success Project is a mediated learning environment wherein you and your coach will partner to  enhance your college experience, support on-time graduation, and develop practices, skills and tools that enable your vision for personal and professional success in college and beyond. As you construct your project  you will have the opportunity to:

  • imagine and declare your guiding  vision, values and mission
  • construct and articulate short-term and long-term goals aligned with your vision, values and mission
  • develop, plan and implement initiatives that leverage opportunities across academic, social-emotional, and life planning domains
  • reflect and adjust your plan based on your progress

The Five Domains for Personal Development

Research suggests that purpose-directed outcomes result from developmental initiatives across the five cognitive and social domains describe here.

Character Development

One's character is defined by their actions. Character development is an ongoing process wherein one first defines a set of values and then mindfully acts in accordance with those values . Working with your coach you will construct and apply your values while making choices throughout your college experience.

Academic knowledge and Skills Development

Academic knowledge and skills development provide one with the cognitive and physical tools required to pursue a purpose-driven vocation.  While life-long learning begins before and extends beyond the college experience, it is during this time that the foundation for life-long learning can be most firmly established. Consequently, your course of study is one of the most important decisions you will makes when applying for and entering college.

Within the context of goal directed learning, we guide you through a process that ensures that your course-of-study is aligned with your declared vocational goals. Further, skills and knowledge gaps that might impede your ability to achieve competency will be identified and mediated.  We will work with you in identifying and deploying the necessary resources you need to enable your academic success.

Personal and Social Relationships Development

We are all social beings and need interactions with friends and family in order to be healthy, develop intellectually, and achieve our life goals. Staying on “purpose” requires us to develop and maintain personal relationships with family and friends. However, recent research found that college students are socializing less and reporting greater incidences of depression and loneliness. Feelings of isolation negatively impacts the college experience and can lead to poor academic performance, delays in graduation and increased drop-out rates. We will work with you on a set of actions that assist in the maintenance of existing connections with family and  friends while away at college. At the same time, we will help you pursue activities designed to develop new relationships with individuals and groups within your new environment.

Health and Wellness Development

Research tells us that students who struggle with physical and mental-health related issues often find it very difficult to stay on track in college, resulting in delays in graduation or high drop-out rates. Developing and maintaining healthy life habits while in college not only supports college success but also sets the foundation for a life-time of healthy living. To that end we work with you to develop and implement strategies and practices that support lifelong health and wellness.

Professional Networks Development

The development and maintenance of a professional network is key to gaining access to authentic learning experiences, internships, and post-graduation study and career opportunities that align with one’s vocational aspirations. The process of developing professional networks is one best initiated early in the college experience within the college community and beyond. Professional networks support the development of a vocational vernacular, industry specific cultural awareness, and a framework for a course of study. We mentor students through the process of developing a professional network and strategies for connecting with key leaders within a vocation during the first years of college. As you  approach graduation we assist you in developing implementing strategies that  leverage  professional networks as part of the job search process.


We look forward to learning and developing with you!

J. Mark Jackson Ed.D